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How we preserve your privacy

We at are eager to preserve your privacy. This website is owned by Karen Brierley Enterprises of Mansfield Road Woodthorpe Nottingham NG5 3FY and if you are at all concerned about our privacy policies you are welcome to contact us at any time. Our site contains information about car insurance and it contains links to other websites which may provide this car insurance. We have no control over the privacy policies of these companies and if you do decide to follow a link on our website you should check the privacy policy of the company whose websites you visit, in order to ensure that it complies with your wishes.

Subject to the above statements, we do not, as a rule, collect any personal information about any visitors to our website. You should be aware however that anyone who visits any website provides data which can, amongst others, provide the website owner with the visitor's IP address; the pages visited; the length of time spent on those pages; the type of device used to access the website (i.e. desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet etc); and several other minor factors. None of these can be used initially to personally identify a visitor; it may be possible of course to use an IP address to do this, but this would involve considerable effort and can only be done with the cooperation of the relevant Internet Service Provider. It is hardly likely that this would be granted without an express order from a court.

This website does not use cookies. We cannot therefore track your visit to any other websites in any way. Please note however that any other sites that we link to may well use cookies and we have no control over their policies.

If you e-mail us we will keep a copy of your correspondence on a secure computer. We will not use this information to spam you in any way and if you wish us to delete any messages from you we will be happy to do so upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of your identity.

You have a legal right to require any company which may hold information about you on a computer to provide you with a copy of that information, and to put right any factual errors. The company you request this information from is entitled to make a reasonable charge for this service. If you feel that we are holding information about you which is incorrect please write to us in the first instance; our fee for this service is a nominal £10.

In short, subject to the above exceptions, we will not provide any information about you to any other person, business or other entity whatsoever, without your express permission, unless ordered to do so by a competent court of law.

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This site is owned and operated by Karen Brierley Enterprises of Mansfield Road Woodthorpe Nottingham NG5 3FY.

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